Sindhi Celebrities

For those of you who have yet to hear about them, the Sindhis are an ethnic group native to the Sindh province of Pakistan, but due to political circumstances of the last century, they are now part of the population of India. Although a great deal of Sindhi individuals and families suffer of poverty and struggle with limited resources, some have managed to surpass these problems and great personalities of the Asian culture.

A wide variety of talents: artists, poets and painters

When it comes to Sindhi folk music, undoubtedly the most renowned of singers is Sohrab Fakir, known to be the king of Sufi-music (a specific devotional music popular in South Asia, originally performed in dargah shrines). He was what some would call a late bloomer as he started his career in his early 40s, first playing tablas – a percussion instrument similar to bongos – then the yaktaro –a single stringed instrument.

If Sohrab Fakir was the one who played Sufi music in a traditional manner, the art was given a more modern profile by Saif Samejo, founder and lead vocalist of the most successful Pakistani rock band, The Sketches. He was the one who gave a brand new life to Sufi and Sindh music and folklore, reviving at the same time the declining Sindhi media. His talents were praised widely across the world due to songs such as Abida Parveen, Rohail Hyatt, and Sassui Palijo.

Approaching the field of visual arts, we meet Imran Channa, one of the most highly praised contemporary artists. At present, he is a finalist of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and critics regard him as the one who had a greater impact in Asia’s visual arts. These are all people who succeeded in their careers not because everything was laid before then, but because they found urge to fight for what mattered the most: their passions.